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concrete and construction maine
Exvacation & Site Work

The Foundation is the key to your homes longevity. All great projects start with moving the earth. Sculpting the perfect site out of the natural surroundings is not just work, it is having a keen eye for how the terrain will react to your plan. And with frost levels that can exceed 4', this is the most important part of your home. Earl Tyler has broken ground for 100's of homes.

concrete and construction maine
Wells & Septic Systems

These essential elements are easily handled with one Contractor in a timely and efficient manner, saving you money!

concrete and construction maine
Concrete Foundation Systems

The standard 6" & 8" foundation pours were our bread and butter for years. We are changing with the times and have implemented a new ICF team, Insulated Concrete Forms Structures. These building are typically %20 more in intitial cost, but save you over %40 in heating and cooling and building maitiance costs year round.  The initial %20 is returned to you in energy savings within 2-5 years.

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