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Earl Tyler started in the construction business in 1969. Since then he has poured concrete all over New England. From the Portland Mall to Sunday River Ski Area to your local 6000 sq ft Ski Chalet,  Tyler Concrete  has poured over 150,000 yards of concerete securing their clients  buildings from the harsh grip of New England frost.


Some of our projects include : Foundation for Business Center at U of Maine Portland, South Berwick Waste Water Treatment Plant, Site Prep for Widham Mall (over 1/2 of a mile of foundation), Maine Mall, Portland Me, Freeport High School gym, Bidderford Maine  Hospital (32 high wall 12 inches thick with rebar),  Lexinton, Ma 38"x 36' retaining wall, Bethel Foodliner Salt Shed Town of Carthage,Maine,  Maine DOT Building Bethel, Maine, Towers and Slab work Sunday River Ski Area, Newry,Maine

Many residential home foudations around Bethel, Maine

concrete and construction

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